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Wrestling lore

Post by DaddyEccentric » Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:30 am

I wanted to make this topic ages ago but need more examples to flesh it out.

But I was just thinking about the kayfabe world of wrestling with the rules and terms and well, wrestling lore, as in the fictional world that wrestlers live in and supposedly suspense our disbelief in and I thought this thread would be fun to delve into that world and for us to "break the kayfabe wall" and send reality checks to these wrestlers in kayfabe world.


"Dear wwe superstars, have you forgotten, Big Show was the one who knocked out most of the roster last year resulting in half the midcard avenging him in the No Way Out cage match, also why are you petitioning for him to return? Is your memory sketchy? Nearly EVERY superstar who gets fired, seems to come back in a matter of weeks anyway, yours truly, A fan"

Other examples are when wrestler scheme dastardly plots knowing a camera is in the room broadcasting to millions of people

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