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Re: WWE Payback 2015 - Discussion Thread

Post by Legend_Killer » Mon May 18, 2015 4:56 pm

Orton needs to get out of the title scene for a while. Unless he feuds with Lesnar there are no interesting feuds for him to have with any of the guys surrounding the title at the moment. Have him feud with Wyatt or something.

I want Lesnar back now, the place is boring without him.

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Re: WWE Payback 2015 - Discussion Thread

Post by Benf_uk » Mon May 18, 2015 6:31 pm

I really enjoyed the PPV, from top to bottom.

Sheamus and Ziggie continue to pair up well, the call back to the kiss me arse match was well done and I like that the commentators made a big deal of it.

Tag Match was epic, again the two teams pair up really well. I thought the shenanigans finish was perfect heel behaviour. From the refs point of view, Kofi and X are similar build in identical tights, the angle he counted the pin from he will have been unable to see any differentiating factors. The Bella's aren't identical, I can think of two obvious differences, yet they get away with it so why not. Creatively dirty finish that fits the gimmick well.

Barrett vs Neville was great. The 'King' schtick works for Barrett, and Neville times and spaces his offence really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the two of them go at it again. Another match for the EC event maybe?

Ryback vs Wyatt was fine, nothing earth shattering but not exactly piss break material, I think the matches going on around it overshadowed it. I guess that was the point though, a breather match in which case job done. I think this suffered because of the match that followed it.

Cena/Rusev was more of the same from the two of them, and in my opinion the only mistake on the structuring of the card was having this right after the physical clash of Ryback and Wyatt. Brawl followed by brawl made Ryback vs Wyatt look a little lacklustre when as a stand alone match it was actually pretty good. Result was never in doubt in my mind, and Lana's involvement in the match made sense and was expected too. I'm intrigued as to where all three characters in this match go next.

Divas match was the same as Ryback/Wyatt. Not terrible but nothing to write home about, did its job and allowed people to catch their breath. Now we just need to get to the long awaited Naomi vs Nikki. The match that I can see happening first, and that could be interesting if given the time is another 'first time ever match: a Diva's EC match. Nikki, Brie, Naomi, Paige, Natty plus one, maybe Charlotte? It's a low risk (read throwaway) event so we'll see.

Main event was one of the best fatal four ways I can remember seeing in the 15 years I've been watching WWE. Well placed spots, outside interference when it made sense, the Shield callback etc. Just a really well structured match, even down to the Spanish announce table spot. It showed growing confidence and maturity from Reigns and Ambrose to go for the second powerbomb on Kane and it was one of many great moments. I REALLY want to see Ambrose and Reigns go at each other one-on-one now, maybe a No1 Contenders match, in the near future? That way no need for messing about with character alignments, they can just beat the crap out of each other.

All in all, a very enjoyable 3 hours. Well worth this months £9.99 on its own in my opinion

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