UFC 81: Breaking Point predictions and discussion

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Post by TDFG » Tue Feb 05, 2008 8:18 am

wwe_attitude wrote:The UFC would've looked kind of stupid to have a former pro wrestler, who hasn't even wrestled competitively in almost 8 years, come in and destroy one of their poster boy fighters and former champions .
I wouldn't say that, the UFC have invested quite a lot of money in Lesnar and they will be hoping that he's a good investment.

I just don't think putting the inexperience of Lesnar in there with someone like Mir was the right choice.

I'd give them winner of the Kongo - Herring match or someone like Eddie Sanchez.
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Post by Aftermath » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:03 pm

The biggest question that was answered was Brocks Striking ability and I wonder if Mir knew this the fight would of been totally different. I think Mir let Brock take him to the ground were he was comfortable.

What would happen if these two fought again?????

Would Mir have a different gameplan????? Would he have let Brock take him down or try to test Brocks standing ability????
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Post by PastorofMuppets » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:09 pm

Aftermath wrote:
wwe_attitude wrote:
All the haters who want to dismiss Brock as a joke because he lost need to get their head out of their *** and watch that fight with an unbiased mindset. Brock came in there on pure potential alone and basically zero MMA experience and manhandled one of the best heavyweight jiu jitsu fighters of all-time. He took him down no problem, dropped him with a strike no problem, and dominated him on the ground until he made a mistake chalked up to inexperience. Give him a couple months training in a better camp & pick up some better submission defense techniques, and he would murder Mir in a rematch I believe.

If this fight would've taken place in the streets & not in the realm of MMA, Frank Mir would be laying in a morgue somewhere as we speak.

I was under the impression that Mir let Brock take him to the ground on purpose. Mir with his BJJ skills, known to be most effective on the ground and with everyone knowing he was going to win with a submission.....It seems Mir knew Brock was going to take him to the ground and let him do so so he could get the submission.

As for the punching, that was the big question surrounding Brock and I think thats were Lesnar surprised Mir and almost cost him the match. It would be intersting to see these two fight again with Mir knowing Brock a little better.

it would have been cool to have a best 2 of 3 type match
I know thats impossible but im sure that brock would have prolly made some different mistakes and mir would have made some of his own

would have been interesting. I really only got that ppv for brock. So he is right about being a draw and worth his money. I was just very bummed that the match i wanted to see lasted under 3 minutes, and to top it all off that PPV was 44.95 instead of 39.99. I dont know if that is the new price or what but it sure sucked to see the reason for buying match end so soon.

And big tim silvia finally proved once and for all that he is no match for real heavyweights
i think brock would have killed tim silvia

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