are you effing serious??? kimbo slice v. ken shamrock

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Re: are you effing serious??? kimbo slice v. ken shamrock

Post by gutterhippo » Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:14 pm

Well, I don't know that EliteXC fixing fights will necessarily hurt MMA in general. The big dog, the UFC, still seems relatively clean in this regard. When Rampage came out and said that Pride execs asked him to throw a fight for money, everyone was worried about how that would affect the perception of MMA really being "as real as it gets." But, it seems like everyone just chalked it up to Pride being an unorganized foreign mess that wasn't really representative of MMA. If the UFC, on the other hand, starts running into accusations that fighters are throwing fights (which is absolutely bound to happen for the same reasons it happened in boxing, mob influence and high stakes gambling), then people might be turned off to MMA.

As for Seth Petruzelli, it wasn't necessarily the smartest move for him to make the comments he made, even if he did take them back later. EliteXC could have made him into a star, but now I can't imagine they're too pleased with him.

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Re: are you effing serious??? kimbo slice v. ken shamrock

Post by go to sleep » Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:59 pm

haha i dunno hippo...elite xc has a habit of pushing losers and making major mistakes. they might stick with seth. what's bad is that he made another mistake talking about KO bonuses like the UFC has, but then Benji Raddach (who KO'd Ninja Rua) said he was unaware that elite xc had any bonuses like that. hell even jim rome talked about it on ESPN today. what a mess. (thanks TVS) has a funny list of idiotic things the company has done in its short life span.
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Re: are you effing serious??? kimbo slice v. ken shamrock

Post by Ironclaw » Fri Oct 10, 2008 3:19 pm

Just finished watching the Kimbo fiasco. Basically I was like "what the fvck was that".

Other than that the show was awesome.

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