General Fantasy Booking

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General Fantasy Booking

Post by Jama7301 » Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:01 pm

I feel like we could use a thread for "coulda woulda shoulda" type things, or future pairings, but ones that either aren't substantial enough, or whatever to warrant their own thread.

Let's begin.

The Wyatts.

I want them to do something with Kane. Nothing physical, or in ring, but I want him to be involved in the vingnettes. Take Kane to the grave of Sister Abigale and have Bray preach his sermon, or have him tied up in the corner with a goat mask on his head.

Kane doesn't even need to be the primary object in the video. Have him off in a corner, just barely visible in the shadows, or something like that. After a few of them, you can show Kane starting to either

A) Stir in the corner, as if trying to shake out Bray's words
B) Have Kane start to submit.

A Would lead to a rematch sooner than B would, since Kane would be fighting back his suggestions and such. Rematch at TLC or somethin'

B Has Kane act like a member of the family, but being in front of the WWE Universe snaps him out of it over time. He remembers who he is. Well, which violent monster he is. This would lead to a rematch at Elimination Chamber, there and there abouts.

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Re: General Fantasy Booking

Post by isrs4life » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:22 pm

what was so wrong with my fantasy booking technique?

I tryed my best with tna stuff.

Now this section has reached a boom period.

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