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Re: Rags To Riches - A C-Verse Story

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 1:04 am
by Jama7301
Fucking New England Revolution. Those Filthy Filthy Americans.

Paradox took ALL da finishers there. But now, MORE PURPLE PIXIE!

Beauty Touch is coming along nicely. What a strange combination of people to be in a tag team.

Goddamn is Cherry Bomb a bitch. She is not a nice lady. First being condescending to Joe and Pixie, then pulling the "short leash" shit on Fro Sure? Damn.

Youngman and Smooth: Taking care of business.

What a fustercluck that main event was. Monster is NOT going to be pleased at how that turned out. 2G, NYR, Youngman and Smooth... all cost him his shot at being a double champion. I fear for whatever schmuck will have to face him next show. Someone gon' die.

Re: Rags To Riches - A C-Verse Story

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 1:11 am
by Jama7301
RPW Blackout X
Friday, Week 3, November 2015
RPW Outreach Center (Mid-South)
Attendance: 194


Kip Keenan and Logan Wolfsbaine are out cutting jokes and having fun with the crowd when Ryan Turner and Sammy the Shark turn up to be Debbie Downers.
Rating: E+ (30)

Kip Keenan & Logan Wolfsbaine def Sammy the Shark and Ryan Turner via Kipcord (Modified Belly to Belly Suplex)
Rating: D- (38)

Paul Steadyfast def Marc Raisin via Slingshot Suplex
Rating: D- (38)


The show opens with Tony Chambers in the ring. He says he’s glad to finally be back where he wants to be, in this ring… And he’s cut off early by his opponent, Dean Daniels. Daniels keeps his message short and sweet: After this match, you’ll go crawling back to that announcer’s table, a whimpering and broken mess.

Rating: D (41)

Tony Chambers vs Dean Daniels
Chambers came out firing, proving that his time away from the ring was spent wisely. Daniels is taken aback by the assault from Chambers, but regains his composure and regains control. Daniels looks to have this locked, until Chambers blocks a suplex attempt, and with a quick burst, pops off a surprise Sitout Powerbomb for the upset victory.

Chambers via Sitout Powerbomb
Rating: D (41)

Next out are the Disposable Heroes! The trio of Kazebushi, Slayer, and Mystery Man take some time to pose in the ring for the crowd. Kazebushi goes alone tonight to face the group’s greatest challenge yet. Is our hero up to the challenge?

Rating: E+ (34)

Kazebushi w/Slayer and Mystery Man vs Marcus Lucillius.
No he is not.

Marcus Lucillius via Inverted Piledriver
Rating: D+ (48)

Marcus is not amused that his match is done so soon. He asks for proper entertainment, befitting a Cesar, as the crowd boos. He spies Slayer and Mystery Man entering the ring to check on their fallen comrade. Marcus rushes the two remaining Heroes and drops them with a double clothesline. As he stands over the trio, contemplating his next move, Drake Young appears at the top of the aisle, clapping. Lucillius looks at him, confused. Young then holds his fist out, before giving a thumbs down. Lucillius sneers, then picks up Slayer and drops him with a Backdrop Driver. Mystery Man is not long for this world either, as he takes a backdrop Driver as well. Young cackles and claps, as Lucillius fetches his cape and leaves down the aisle.

Rating: D- (40)

Alicia Strong is backstage, pacing in the interview area. Instead of the usual interviewer of Chloe Dean, she is approached by Matty Faith. Faith introduces himself, and attempts to flatter Strong by calling her the best women’s wrestler he’s ever seen. She rolls her eyes, and asks what he wants. Faith mentions how they’re both second generational talent from the biggest families in wrestling, and offers her the chance to learn under another legend, by joining Then, Now, Forever. Strong stands in silence for a bit, when Faith starts to shuffle side to side. He asks her to just think about it, before departing.

Rating: C- (55)

Danielle Sweetheart & Debbie Rose vs Jamie Quine & Paige Croft
Danielle and Debbie work this match as a well tuned machine. The mutual respect keeps things flowing smooth. Unfortunately, Quine and Croft prove that there’s more to being a successful team than liking each other, as they use every dirty trick they can to take control. Things go sour when Croft tags herself in one too many times, and Quine snaps. She hops off the apron and walks to the back, saying nobody treats her like that. From there, it’s academic, as the Good Girls wrap this one up.

Debbie Rose via Thorn Cutter on Croft
Rating: C- (57)

Chloe Dean is in the interview area as she welcomes her guests at this time, the RPW Tag Team Champions, Wolf’s Rayne. She asks the duo how they feel about what Sweet and Sour had to say last show. Rayne Man takes a deep breath, gathering himself, before telling Dean that while they hate to admit it, they may have a point. They’ve been resting on their laurels, and haven’t been pushing themselves. That stops now. Tonight marks the beginning of a reinvigorated Wolf’s Rayne. A more focused Wolf’s Rayne. Running Wolf jumps in saying that they stoked a fire in their belly, and when they face Sweet & Sour for the tag team titles, they’ll regret they ever did that. The pair heads out of the interview area, as Chloe Dean announces that the Tag Team Champions will be in action, next.

Rating: D (41)

Wolf’s Rayne (Running Wolf & Rayne Man) vs Sammy the Shark & Stink
The champs come out, guns a blazing, completely railroading Sammy the Shark. Sammy turns the table with a sneaky thumb to the eye, and he tags in the large Stink. Stink slows the champs down for a minute, until Running Wolf storms the ring after a desperation tag. A few Tomahawk Chops, a dropkick, and a Wolf Tamer, and Stink is down for the count.

Wolf’s Rayne via Wolf Tamer
Rating: D (44)

We see a video play, hyping tonight’s main event RPW Championship match between Steve Flash, and the newly crowned champion, Kirk Jameson.

Rating: D- (38)

Chloe Dean is in the ring and announces that it’s time to make some history. On the table in front of her, sits the contract for the first ever, RPW Women’s Championship match. She introduces first, the winner of A Block, Foxxy LaRue. Foxxy comes out, and poses on the turnbuckles for a minute, before taking a seat on one side of the table. Dean then introduces the winner of B Block, Alicia Strong! Strong comes down to the ring, all business, and takes a seat. Dean offers the contract to Foxxy, but Strong snatches it out of her hand. Strong flips through it, glancing at what’s written, before saying nobody beats her. Not in the ring, not on the court, not even signing a contract. She grabs a pen, and signs on the top signature line. Foxxy takes the contract and says that it’s fine. She says that Strong is just a mile marker to her. She says that your desire to be first will never surpass her drive to be the best. Foxxy says she’s not content with the RPW Women’s Championship. When she’s done here, she’s going to be known as the woman who tore down the walls, and became the first ever female RPW Champion. She signs the contract and throws the pen on the table. Strong bolts to her feet, and Foxxy follows suit. The two stare each other down for a few seconds before Strong steps out of the ring.

Rating: C- (58)

Teddy Powell & The Gopher & The Ant (Topher Smith & Ant Man) vs Punchline (Drake Young, Steel & Austin Moore)
Teddy Powell continues to try to mentor the young tag team, but Punchline’s might and craftiness are too much for the veteran to carry his team through.

Punchline via Midnight DDT on Topher Smith.
Rating: D- (39)

As the match ends, we see Marcus Lucillius come down the ramp. Ant Man and Powell are keeping their eyes on the big man, as he enters the ring. Lucillius starts to back Young into a corner, when he turns face, and blast Teddy Powell with a huge big boot. The beatdown is on, as Austin Moore and Steel start working over the Gopher and the Ant. The 4 men stand tall in the ring, as Drake Young cannot contain his excitement.

Rating: D+ (50)

Estrella Blanca vs Alicia Strong
Estrella Blanca tries to rebound after her rough time in the RPW Women’s Invitational, but unfortunately, she drew the winner of B Block and Undefeated in RPW, Alicia Strong. Estrella starts off slow, but she digs deep, and finds a gear she didn’t knew she had, and starts firing back at Strong, pushing the second generation starlet. Estrella rebounds off the ropes, and runs right into a roundhouse kick. Strong picks up the dazed luchadora, yells that it’s over, and plants her with an emphatic Angel Driver.

Alicia Strong def Estrella Blanca via Angel Driver
Rating: C (62)

We throw it back to the interview area one more time where Chloe Dean is joined by RPW Champion, Kirk Jameson. Dean asks how Jameson is feeling tonight. Jameson says he’s never felt better. He says that it never gets easier. He gestures to the title belt. He says the weight of the responsibility never gets lighter. Being champion is not just a sign of stature or importance. It’s also an obligation. An obligation to go out there, and be the best on a night to night basis. To leave the company better off than before you got it. Steve Flash, for all of his experiences, doesn’t seem to get that. Steve Flash did nothing but prop up his own personal legacy with the title. RPW was suffocating with him as champ, but now, now we can breathe easy. Now, he knows that he’ll have a target on his back, but you best believe, the target’s going to fire back.

Rating: D (45)

RPW Championship Match
Kirk Jameson © vs Steve Flash w/Matty Faith
Keeping with their MO, Flash and Faith bend the rules whenever Jameson starts to build some momentum. They go to the well one too many times, and Faith gets tossed from ringside by the ref. Jameson starts to pick up steam, as Flash desperately tries to derail him, but each attempt at chicanery is thwarted by Jameson. Flash starts to lose it, after Jameson kicks out of a rollup with a handful of tights. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair, and brings it into the ring. He’s stopped by the ref. As he’s arguing with the ref, Jameson sets up. The ref takes the chair, and as he does, Jameson unloads a Bullseye right on Flash’s distracted face, to retain the title.

Kirk Jameson def Steve Flash w/Matty Faith via Bullseye
Rating: D+ (50)

As Jameson celebrates, Matty Faith runs down to the ring, but before he can throw hands, Alicia Strong’s music hits, as she makes her way down the ramp. Faith goes and helps Flash to his feet, and signals for Alicia to join them. As Strong enters the ring, Drake Young saunters his way down to the ring. Young says that Punchline is invincible, and mentions how he recruited Marcus Lucillius. Young gets shoved out of the ring by Strong for his trouble. She looks over to Faith and a now recovering Flash. Flash says he has so much knowledge he can – And Alicia shuts him up with a hard slap across the face. She then grabs Matty Faith by the wrist, and leads him out of the ring, and up the aisle. She stops at the entryway and poses, telling Faith to raise her arm. Faith obliges, and the two stand, arms raised, to close the show.

Rating: C- (53)

Show Rating: C- (54)

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Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:30 am
by GooberBM
Championship Wrestling From Boston 96/133
Saturday Week 4 November 2015 Reggie Lewis Center (New England) Attendance: 2918

Pre-Show Match: Paradigm & Tigre Salvaje Jr. vs. Beauty Touch - Julius Moor & Dermot O'Logical
Moor (6:46) via Charging Tackle on Paradigm
Rating: D+ (48)
Pre-Show Match: Purple Pixie vs. Paradox
Pixie (7:52) via Rollup (after Regular Joe distraction)
Rating: E+ (31)

Monster Inc. - The Monster, Kirk Drury & Acid II vs. Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr., Little Bill Lebowski & Xavi Ferrera
The Monster (6:13) via Fall of Grace on Xavi
Championship Wrestling From Boston is back, with in-ring action, as Monster Inc. exerts their dominance over 3 lesser members of the roster and ends with The Monster feasting
Rating: D+ (52)

Monster Inc. stands in the ring enjoying their spoils, as Cherry Bomb comes out to the entranceway area and announces tonight's Main Event: Austin Smooth will put up his number one contendership, against The Trouble, Henry Bennett
Rating: C (60)

Swedish Muscle is in the back telling us that tonight is a prelude to what we'll see next month: Swedish Muscle will face the latest, greatest challengers to their Boston Tag Team Titles, 2G. This is a formidable challenge, because as Lisa Bowen rightfully points out, Campbell and Starr carry the legacy of some of the greatest champions in the history of the sport. But Swedish Muscle carries the legacy of champions here in Boston, so overlook them at your own peril. Because like every other challenge put before them they will overcome it with the power of...Swedish Muscles
Rating: C- (53)

Anders Thunder vs. Ash Campbell
Campbell (7:01) via Shooting Star Press
Lisa Bowen makes her presence known, getting on the apron and distracting Anders Thunder just before he can lock in the Side Bear Hug. Giving Ash just enough time to hit a low blow, the Ash 2 Ash, then finishing the job on the big man with the SSP
Rating: D (45)

The Natural vs. Jerry Martin
Natural (9:27) via Nature Calls after Warren Technique interference
Jerry Martin uses his youth to overcome the vast experience gap and pushes this match longer than The Natural wants it to go. The key for Natural is that his partner is in the building while Martin is flying solo. Natural keeps the ref distracted as Warren Technique shoves Martin off the top rope as he was looking to fly and Natural picks up the scraps with a Nature Calls
Rating: D+ (52)

Natural Technique gloats over Martin, letting their latest target know that even when Old Man Flash gets here, the result will be the same. Natural Technique will stand over them both

We get a Shoot Club package, showing some of their greatest hits but also some of their failures in Boston and the question: Which Shoot Club will we really get?
Rating: D- (40)

Shoot Club - Al Coleman & Marc Speed vs. Ekuma & Joffy Laine
Coleman (7:54) via Ankle Brace on Laine
On this evening, we get the greatest hits....
Rating: C- (54)

Cherry Bomb has Fro Sure in her office because she wants to have another conversation with him. She's still waiting for him to do something to...impress her, so she's done him the favor of setting up a match for him. Fro says that's perfectly fine because he's always looking for another opportunity. Cherry is pleased that he says that because his next. Fro looks put off for a moment (not being in his ring gear and all), but lets Cherry know that she's going to like what she sees. He's Sure of that!

Felipe Caballero & Allison Addison make their way to the ring, talking down Fro Sure as just another loser and thug, with no suaveness or romanticism in his body. He doesn't know how to take care of business in the squared circle or with the ladies, not like the Heartbreaker does. And once he finishes up with this little bit of business in the ring, he's going to take his lady out for a little surf and turf, wine and dine, and then take care of some much more intimate business. Like only he can
Rating: C (59)

Fro Sure vs. Felipe Caballero
Fro (11:49) via Sure Thing
Caballero gets a lot more of the action here, with Sure fighting cold and in a pair of slacks and loafers since he couldn't change into his ring gear, but once he got a sweat going, the muscles got loose, and Sure's head got in the game, his pedigree outshown the young prospect, and he nails the Sure Thing to pick up the W
Rating: C (64)

We go to the back with 2G on their way to the ring. Bowen is more than satisfied that Campbell picked up the win on that big oaf, and now they're on to phase two with the single's debut of HBS. And Hollywood is going to show Nigel what real muscle looks like. Then very very soon, they'll finish the job and put some gold around the finest waist in all of wrestling. Starr and Campbell grin and Campbell notes theirs enough gold for her waist and her Caboose. Bowen promises if they bring her the gold, they can do whatever they want with her Caboose...but only if they win. Starr smiles and says that's good enough for him, he'll go out there and do as she says right now.

We then head back to the locker room area where Amazing Fire Fly is with Ernest Youngman and Mercedes Giminez, as they gameplan for their tag match tonight against New England Revolution. Youngman knows this is personal for AFF, with the Revolution trying to take out BLM, and the regular partner of the young luchador still not being back to 100% but tonight he's got the best backup possible because Youngman has his issues with Masked Patriot too, and he wants nothing more than to put a Hit out that all of Boston will never forget. Giminez chimes in that all Fire Fly has to do is keep The Pilgrim busy and Youngman will take care of the rest. AFF nods and says to consider it done in Spanish, and Giminez relays to Youngman that all the conditions are met. Time to go out and perform
Rating: C- (53)

Hollywood Bret Starr vs. Nigel Svensson
Nigel (15:23) via Knee Trembler
These two have a slow building technical affair that Starr does well in, but gets overwhelmed by Svensson's prowess, so he dumps Svensson to the outside and tries to make it a brawl instead. This works for a while but Svensson gets his second wind and brings the fight back to Starr. Bowen tries to get on the apron to provide the distraction again but Svensson Irish Whips Starr towards her. She bails off the apron but Starr is distracted with her safety in peril. When he focuses on his opponent again it's too late as he takes a high knee lift and then the Knee Trembler, to lose his single's debut
Rating: D+ (50)

NE Revolution comes out next and cuts an in-ring promo. The Pilgrim starts by saying they feel no remorse for what they did in Mexico. BLM is a scourge on society and they cleanse the ills of the world. And trust that the world is better off without that deviant. And his little buddy Fire Fly wants to pick up a vendetta on his behalf? Well they'll be more than happy to send him to the same fate.
And as for The Assassin, Masked Patriot picks up from there, if he wants to target The Revolution, they can find him right here in the ring. He has no need to run, no reason to hide. An Assassin, working in the dark and shadows cannot harm him because he lives in the light. He shines the light of justice on all he sees and rights the wrongs of this world. He's cleaned up other so-called Saviors and if Youngman wants to be added to the list, well all he had to do was say so...because Masked Patriot and the Revolution can end him too
Rating: C- (58)

Amazing Fire Fly & Ernest Youngman vs. New England Revolution - Masked Patriot & The Pilgrim
Youngman (12:32) via The Hit on Pilgrim
The Revolution dominate AFF for long stretches of the tag match but Fire Fly breaks free, and gets to Youngman who batters Patriot from pillar to post until Patriot, in fact, DOES bail and tags in Pilgrim to be the Sacrificial Lamb while Patriot scurries away up the entranceway. Youngman obliges Pilgrim with a vicious Hit
Rating: B- (72)

The announce team of Phonse Lockett, Samuel Curran, and Gabriel Buentello sets up the next show:

2nd Gen will get their Boston Tag Title opportunity against the champions Swedish Muscle.
Natural Technique will face off with Flash Bomb
Wild and Free and Ernest Youngman will have a 6 man match with New England Revolution and a partner
Plus Fro Sure, Regular Joe & Purple Pixie in tag action, and Monster Inc. will be in the building as always, for the next Championship Wrestling in Boston
Rating: D+ (52)

Austin Smooth vs. Henry Bennett
Smooth (9:27) via Smooth Hold
If anyone thought that Smooth would be nervous or anxious with his Openweight Title shot on the line, you were sorely mistaken, as he blows almost right through Bennett. The veteran's pluck and guile keeps him in it for a few minutes, but Smooth is ready for The Monster, and proves it big time here
Rating: C (65)

Smooth Calls out Monster Inc. and tells The Monster to finish with his mind games and roadblocks because he wants him right now. The Monster comes out with the entire Monster Inc. group and lets Smooth know that what he wants doesn't matter, he's going to end up as dominated as anyone else that stands before The Monster because he OWNS Boston, and he'll own Smooth very soon. Cherry Bomb comes out and tells both of them to stand down because nothing will be happening tonight but what she can promise is that on the next CWB show it will be Austin Smooth vs. Acid II. And if Austin Smooth can win that match, he will get his shot at The Monster later in December, guaranteed. Both sides look hungry after that announcement, with Smooth proclaiming he'll be the champ soon, and The Monster promising that'll never happen
Rating: C- (54)

Final Grade: C (64)

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Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:57 am
by Jama7301

Re: Rags To Riches - A C-Verse Story

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:11 pm
by Greg_McNeish

Re: Rags To Riches - A C-Verse Story

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:20 pm
by Jama7301
That fucking dumpy ass loser is in a higher rated match than anything I've done in RPW. Fucking bullshit.

Cherry Bomb is absolutely awful. Smooth has a title match and yet she's stringing him out. It's more bullshit.

TALK SHIT GET HIT PILGRIM. Eat shit and die. Your partner's a coward and he's gonna get his.

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Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 10:37 pm
by Jama7301
RPW Painkiller XI
Friday, Week 1, December 2015
RPW Outreach Center (Mid-South)
Attendance: 100

Amazing Fire Fly, Ant-Man, Matthew Keith & Kip Keenan def. Cal Sanders, Logan Wolfsbaine, Marc Raisin & Topher Smith via Proton Lock on Wolfsbaine (7:10)
Rating: D+ (49)

Main Show

The show opens up with the Disposable Heroes of Mystery Man, Slayer, and Kazebushi posing in the ring. Mystery Man says that injustice is running rampant here in RPW. As much as he hates to admit it, the Disposable Heroes need help. So tonight, they want to introduce tonight’s special 4th Ranger, Tony Chambers! Chambers comes out and shakes the hands of all the members, as Mystery Man hands him mask to wear. Chambers slips the mask on, and the quartet strike a new pose.

Rating: E+ (33)

Disposable Heroes (Kazabushi, Mystery Man & Slayer) & Tony Chambers vs Paul Steadyfast, Stink, Sammy the Shark & “Honest” Frank Harriet
With the power of the 4th Ranger, the Disposable Heroes are able to reach new heights they never thought possible. When the stakes were at their highest, Kazebushi, Mystery Man, and Slayer were able to send Sammy and Paul to the floor, and a triple dropkick toppled Stink, leaving Chambers to pick up the win with a Six Shooter (Sitout Powerbomb) over Frank.

Chambers via Six-Shooter on Harriet (10:52)

Rating: D (42)

We go back to the interview area where Chloe Dean is with the RPW Tag Team Champions, Wolf’s Rayne. Dean asks if they’re ready for tonight’s title match against Sweet & Sour. Rayne Man says that they’re glad they finally get to face Sweet and Sour. He says it’ll feel great to finally knock them down a few pegs. Running Wolf says that those two could be great, if they weren’t preening and dancing like peacocks. Championships and accolades are earned in that ring, not on some stage. The two thank Dean for the time, as they head off, chatting strategy.

Rating: D (45)

Nigel Svennson vs Marcus Lucillius
Marcus Lucillius has been chomping at the bit to get his hands on Nigel Svennson, the only man in RPW to pin the goliath gladiator. Nigel uses his hard hitting style to stick and move, looking to stay out of Marcus’ grasp. Nigel started to make some headway in chopping down Marcus, but he got too ambitious, going for a superplex. Lucillius was able to block the attempt, and simply tossed Nigel halfway across the ring. That one opening was all Marcus needed, as he was able to overwhelm Nigel, finishing him off with an emphatic Inverted Piledriver.

Marcus Lucillius via Inverted Piledriver (11:44)

Rating: D+ (49)

Marcus tosses Nigel out of the ring between the ropes and claiming the ring as his domain again. Mito Miwa, Nigel’s newfound friend, comes down to ringside to check on him, but as he does, Drake Young, Austin Moore, and Steel come down to join Lucillius. Miwa fights valiantly on the outside, but the numbers game is too much. After a beatdown on the outside, Drake Young rolls Mito into the ring, at the feet of Lucillius. Drake spreads his arms wide, offering the Japanese sensation as a gift for Marcus. Marcus graciously accepts, and plants Miwa with an Inverted Piledriver of his own. Drake Young laughs on the outside, as he bows to the mighty muscle of Marcus Lucillius.

Rating: D+ (50)

After a break, we return to the ring with Chole Dean standing at a podium and the two women competing for the RPW Women’s Title, Foxxy LaRue and Alicia Strong. Strong has Matty Faith at her heel, as Dean welcomes the two women. She says that last week, the contract was signed, and this week, we reveal the Championship that will be claimed later this month. Without further ado, Dean reveals the title, and places it on the podium. Dean asks Foxxy if she has anything she’d like to say. Before Dean can hand Foxxy the mic, Strong strikes over and snatches it away. Strong tells Foxxy to save her breath, because there is no way LaRue is walking away with that championship. Strong says she is wrestling Royalty, and that title is hers by right. Foxxy better savor these coming weeks, because this is as close to excellence she will ever be. Instead of handing the mic back to Dean, Strong flips it to Faith, and tells everyone to get out of her ring.

Rating: D+ (51)

Estrella Blanca vs Alicia Strong w/ Matty Faith
This match is a straight up exhibition for Strong. Blanca can’t get out of Neutral in this one, as Strong dominates from bell to bell. Strong plants Blanca with a drawn out Angel Driver, but to fully send her message, she then locks in Strong Arm Tactics, forcing Blanca to tap, screaming in pain.

Alicia Strong via Strong Arm Tactics (5:05)

Rating: C- (54)

Chloe Dean returns to the interview area with the challengers for the RPW Tag Team Championship: Sweet and Sour. She asks the band how they plan to attack the champions tonight. Flash Savage starts to talk, but says that he doesn’t have time for this. He has to perform a sound check. Dean then directs her attention to J Cool, and asks for his thoughts, but he can’t hear through his headphones. Dean tries to get his attention, again, and succeeds, but J Cool is less than thrilled. He rips off the headphones, and asks what she wants, so Dean repeats herself. J makes a disgusted noise, and heads off, headphones back on, jiving his way out of the interview area.

Rating: D- (36)

Sweet And Sour make their way down to the ring, singing and dancing, a group of groupies in tow for tonight’s RPW Tag Team Title Match.

Rating: D+ (50)

RPW Tag Team Championship Match
Wolf’s Rayne (Running Wolf & Rayne Man) (c’s) vs Sweet & Sour (Flash Savage & J Cool)
Wolf’s Rayne spends this match trying to out-class their opponents in the ring, but the slippery singers don’t stay down for long. Wolf’s Rayne finally starts to figure out the Pair of Pop as the match reaches a crescendo, only for J Cool to sneakily go to Rayne Man’s eye when he went after Flash. Sending an opening, Flash quickly rolls through, and applies the Canadian Crab to the champ. As Rayne Man is struggling to the ropes, Kali Fornia, one of the groupies, distracts the ref for just a moment. In that moment, Dharma Gregg grabs Rayne Man’s wrist, and starts slapping his hand against the mat, and hides as the ref turns around. The ref sees the limp Rayne Man and calls for the bell.

Flash Savage via Canadian Crab on Rayne Man following Groupie Interference (Started tapping Rayne Man’s hand). (10:24)

Rating: D- (40)

Sweet and Sour take their titles and quickly exit the ring. The pair is surrounded by their groupies as they retreat up the ramp.

Rating: D+ (48)

Foxxy LaRue vs Jamie Quine
Our main event of the evening sees these two accomplished women go to battle with each other. This match ebbs and flows, but each time Foxxy takes control, she gains more and more of a foothold, and like the inevitable tide, Foxxy gets on a roll that Quine has no answer to, eventually succumbing to the Flash Head Kick.

LaRue via Flash Head Kick (11:37)

Rating: C- (58)

As Foxxy is enjoying her victory, we see Matty Faith jump the barricade, and start jawing with Foxxy, saying she has no chance. As Foxxy dares Faith to get into the ring, she’s blindsided by Strong. Strong starts stomping away at Foxxy, as Faith goes to block the ref from breaking up the fight. Strong then locks in her modified Armbar/Elbow Strike combo, Strong Arm Tactics, and starts wailing on the neck and shoulder of Foxxy, as the arm is pinned. We suddenly see Tony Chambers run down and even the odds, pulling Matty Faith off the ref, and brawling with him on the outside. The ref is able to get in and break up the hold, but the damage is done. As the 2nd generational tandem retreat, pleased at their handiwork, Chambers enters the ring to check on Foxxy, as Strong gloats by the curtain, signaling that the belt is hers.

Rating: C (60)

Show Rating: C- (55)