Seinfeld reunion show in the works?

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Seinfeld reunion show in the works?

Post by isrs4life » Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:36 pm

Would anyone like to see a seinfeld reunion show back on
there like the good old days of it after I saw a super bowl
commercial of them back together I really think it could work.

like to see how all there lives take place after they were put
in jail after the final episode back in 1998 I remember watching
seinfeld series back in fall 2012-winter 2013 really enjoyed it and
just been watching the best episodes that I pvr.

I wanna see a new show for them seinfeld sure does age well.
quote to nucks.

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Re: Seinfeld reunion show in the works?

Post by Legend_Killer » Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:14 am

Nah. They could never recreate the Seinfeld series and they would be dumb to even try. They know that.

It was nice to see that little bit though.

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Re: Seinfeld reunion show in the works?

Post by TheLyontamer » Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:33 am

I could really take it or leave it, the more I've thought about it. It's always nice to see a reunion between actors of a popular show so that we can briefly relive the glory days and get a glimpse of how they're all doing nowadays. My thirst for another Seinfeld episode was substantially quelled when they did a comeback of sorts on Curb Your Enthusiasm back in 2009. The entire season centred around Larry David and co. making a Seinfeld reunion episode. I found that whole process immensely enjoyable. Seeing Larry coax Jerry into coming round to the idea, squabble with Jason Alexander over a tip at a restaurant, get into an argument with Julia Louis-Dreyfus over her daughter, all the planning and worrying that takes place on the set, etc. "Breaking kayfabe", so to speak, and depicting the actors as real people facing the stress of trying to create a reunion episode was probably much more effective than it would be to actually make another episode.

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