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Evan's Top Films of 2016

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:36 pm
by eobversion1
After taking my final trip to the theatre to see a 2016 release this weekend I'm ready to post my top 10 films of the year. This year is different, the top three are so inseparably great that they hold joint first place, as a result, I have included two extra titles on this year's list. Here are my picks. You can be sure I'll be picking up more than a good few of these on Blu-Ray in the coming months too.

1. Manchester by the Sea
1. La La Land
1. Loving
2. Arrival
3. Nocturnal Animals
4. Green Room
5. Moonlight
6. The Lobster
7. The Witch
8. High Rise
9. Rogue One
10. The Handmaiden