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North-American indy stuff...

Post by tiagolopes » Wed Dec 05, 2007 6:43 am


Well, I know you missed me for a while. This year was crazy for me. Total disregard for wrestling or any other hobbies I might have had, but likely have forgotten about it by now.

Anyway, what was good this year? Did ROH deliver? I ain't seen much from ROH ever since the CZW so guide me from there if you're king enough. I've hear IWA-MS did some good stuff, true?

Looking forward for your guidance ;)
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Post by Princess Erica » Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:16 am

You didn't miss anything. Welcome back!
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Post by endless » Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:44 am

A few notes:
-ROH is still ROH. Nothing has really changed with the company. A few new faces, but still the same level of quality that we have come to expect from them.
-This is irrelevant to you since your not in the US, but ROH has started making PPV's. They are basically just like the DVD's, except cheaper. It's a really big step for ROH.
-Get yourself some PWG. The battle of LA might be the best indy show of the year top to bottom. Start with night 1 and make sure to watch all three.

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Post by benhagen20 » Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:29 pm

I was not a big fan of ROH stuff after the CZW feud. It seemed they were really treading water. Glory by Honor V: Night 2 and Final Battle 2006 really seem like the only shows to go out of your way to pick up.

As for 2007, they've pulled off quite a few good shows in my opinion. I purchased

ROH Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool
ROH Fifth Year Festival: Finale
Supercard of Honor II
Fighting Spirit
Good Times Great Memories
A Fight at the Roxbury
Death Before Dishonor V: Nights One and Two
Manhatten Mayhem II

All of these are quite good. I really, really recommend Driven since it is just as much as their other DVDs but it has TWO really great Danielson matches on it and a ton of other fun stuff.

I'd check out Low Ki's stuff from IWA-MS if I were you as well.

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Post by samostrong » Wed Dec 05, 2007 5:46 pm

^^That Hernandez match you posted Ben still hasn't got old for me
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Post by blind » Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:19 pm

-Nigel's a big player in ROH now (he's the champ) but he doesn't do much for me.

-ROH is full of factions now - I think there are 6 or 7 now.

-Briscoes have been the tag champs for a while now, big feud with Kevin Stten and El Generico, and running over all the other teams for now.

Not sure if you've seen any Jimmy Jacobs stuff yet but I'd go out of my way for that. Everything else is so-so.

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Post by benhagen20 » Thu Dec 06, 2007 12:00 pm

samostrong wrote:^^That Hernandez match you posted Ben still hasn't got old for me
It is the epitome of what fun wrestling is . . . one of my favorite match-ups is a big powerhouse against a capable smaller wrestler. It avoids being a squash, yet the powerhouse still can do really cool things to the little guy who has to rely on his flash and cleverness to stay on top. Hernandez and Low Ki pull off this dynamic better than anyone in a long time . . . or so I think. Mysterio matches are probably the only things that might come close.

Just a lovely match.

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Post by Phoenix88 » Mon Dec 31, 2007 2:41 am

Hey. I realize this is from a while ago but if you're still interested I'd just like to back up some of BenHagen's stuff with a few C+P reviews (from myself)

ROH: Good Times Great Memories

Another really fun show. Opening 6-way is great; fun stuff that you'll normally see in a 6-Man mayhem. A lot of CHIKARA guys in this match along with Delirious and Pelle Primeau(who's starting to become pretty fun to watch). Good stuff here from all guys. Quackenbush and jigsaw especially.

Daniels-Stevens was next. this match was just average. I really haven't been able to get into Daniels for a long time; the last match of his I enjoyed which didn't feature Matt Sydal was his match against Danielson in late '05. Really good Iron Sheik from him after the match. Nothing amazing. But a really good old school Daniels Iron Sheik.

Homicide-Albright-Whitmer-Rave was next. Good match; not too memorable. But a decent 4CS.

Romero vs. Aries next. Best match thus far. Good ground wrestling; and fun spots. Plus we didn't see Aries overdo his stuff as we've seen in recent months.

Next is my personal match of the night. Takeshi Morishima vs. SHINGO; really awesome stuff. Another great world title match from Morishima; who's reign I am really getting into. I've enjoyed just about everything i've seen from him in ROH. This was a match very similar to what you'd probably see from a good NOAH heavyweight match. Stiffness; power moves; and a good story. Everything they did worked wonderfully in the context of the match. This might be my favorite Morishima defense. I'll peg it at ****

Tank Toland vs. Alex Payne was next; normal squash. The comedy storyline with tank and Dempsey begins here.

Strong vs. Evans next. Good match Nothing special though. Good work; but not as good as othermatches they've had. Fun nonetheless.

The Briscoes vs. Murder City Machine Guns- Now I won't say this match is overrated. Because I can understand why people would love it as much as they do. But I just don't feel that way. Terrific wrestling throughout. All four guys are great. the problem was the way they worked the match. This match happened because the MCMG beat down Jay after Mark got injured. They should have been uberheels in this match. rather than that; it was worked like a "Dream Match" exhibition. There were a few smaller hot tags; but nothing major. It was back and forth all the way through; and we didn't see too much heelishness out of Shelley or Sabin. Instead we saw Sabin using moves that we're obviously going for face pops. So as I said; they worked amazingly together. But the lack of story really messed up the match for me. ***1/4

The main event was Colt cabana vs. adam Pearce in Cabana's last ROH match. This was your regular Cabana schitick. if you like him you'll find this match fun as I did. after the match cabana gave a speech and the locker room emptied.

Overall- Really good show. Worth a buy for the world title match; and Cabana's last show. And hell most like the Briscoes/MCMG match so give it a sht. I'm sure you'll enjoy this show.

ROH: Fight at the Roxbury

Brent albright vs. BJ Whitmer- Solid match between the two. they have some chemsitry together. Enjoyable up until the crappy finish.

Bryan Danielson vs. Jimmy rave- Much shorter than their match last year. But still a VERY good match. Not a squash ike some made it out to be. A good match between two great workers.- **3/4

Mark Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen- Crazy brawl. Really awesome stuff here. You could feel the hatred between these two guys. And they beat the hell out of eachother all over the building before Steen put Briscoe down.- ***

Nigel vs. Claudio vs. Hero vs. Quackenbush- One of the best 4CS's of this year. Awesome work from all for guys. A lot of interesting subplots in this match. Quack worked a bulk of this match and once againt stole the show. Really good spots and good work all around from all the guys. Watch for an awesome spot on the floor from Quack and Claudio. My only problem with the match is the finish. Claudio won with a european uppercut; don't really buy it. Still awesome match.- ***1/2

Matt Sydal vs. El Generico- MOTN. Really awesome stuff by both guys here. Great contest. Really fun spots. Got the crowd into it heavily; great match. Only fault; referee botches the count. Sydal wins a very good back and forth match. ***1/2

Strong/Davey/Rocky vs. Delirious/Stevens/Cross- Eh. This was better than reports lead me to believe. But not anything special. Okay 6-man.

Morishima vs. jay Briscoe- This match was very entertaining. regular Morishima stuff. Some awesome nearfalls. However the finish was very bad and killed the heat for me. After Briscoe got a huge nearfall from a splash from the top. then he hits a superplex and Morishima Fighting spirit's. He did the same thing against SHINGo but it was fitting in that match. It made no sense here and killed the heat. After that Morishima just beat Briscoe down for the win.Would have been ***1/2. had it not been for the finish. Instead. I'll give it **3/4.

Overall- No MOTYC's but a really good top to bottom show. I highly recommend this.


This show was VERY SHORT. And had quite a few meaningless Iron Sheik's to fill time. Even with those Iron Sheik's it was still really short.

Matt Sydal vs. Hallowicked- Fun stuff here. hallowicked's really looking good in hiw ROH outings; and Sydal is strong as always. **3/4

Lacey vs. Daizee haze- eh. Decent women's match up until the sloppy finish. *3/4

Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. QuackenSaw- MOTN. Just a really awesome tag match here. Clear face/heel dynamic that still plays into Generico not really being a heel. Awesome work from all guys; really fun spots. Of all the Non-quackenush guys who have been in ROH recently from CHIKARA Jigsaw has been the best. He's looked great in every match; and this is no exception.- ***3/4

Matt Cross vs. Davey Richards- I liked the start of this one. And there were some decent moments. An okay finish; but it was overall average. Dragged a bit in the middle.- **

Rocky Romero vs. Delirious- sweet brawling through the crowd to dtart off. Evenually the match gets back in the ring; and we get some really solid wrestling out of the two. Including a decent finish that saw Delirious get the win.- **3/4

BJ Whitmer vs. Brent Albright vs. Erick Stevens vs. Jimmy rave- Solid 4CS here. Nothing special. All the guys looked pretty strong and I particularly enjoyed Erick Stevens; and the short matchup of Rave and Albright. Okay match.- **1/2

Briscoes vs. kings of Wrestling- 2/3 falls here. First fall was really fun; and I enjoyed the strange character meshing of KOW. Claudio was serious and trying to win; whereas Hero was more focused on taunting. Decent work; and a hot finish have the Briscoes taking teh first fall.

Second fall was actually more enjoyable. hero was taken out so Claudio had to do most of the work on his own. A lot of really fun stuff took place; and when it looked like the Briscoes had it won Hero made the save. the four all start wrestling and Claudio gets a couple really close nearfalls. In the end Hero gets knocked out and the Briscoes finish off Claudio for the win.- it was a strong match; but the way these 2/3 falls matches are booked with Briscoes getting the sweep really hurts the heat for the nearfalls. It was fun nonetheless- ***1/4

Takeshi Morishima vs. Roderick Strong- another strong morishima defense. His raw power gives him the advantage for most of the match; but Strong really gets more offense in than most do using his quickness; hard strikes; and just outsmarting the monster. There were a couple really good nearfalls; but Strong just couldn't pull it out. Good stuff- ***1/2

The DVD has the bonus match of a student 4-way which is your average student match; and jay Lethal vs. Danielson from FIP. If you like FIp you should enjoy that match.

Overall- There are quite a few better ROH shows than this one from this year. So unless you really wanna see the Morishima-Strong match; or the awesome Steenerico-Quackensaw match I recommend saving you're money and getting some of the other really good stuff ROH has released this year.

Death Before Dishonor Night 2

I got there about 10 minutes before doors opened. Some shady individual was handing out Project 161 shirts outside. We got in; pre show started at 7:00.

Mitch Franklin and Pelle Primeau vs. Up In Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy)- Up In Smoke got an insane amount of love from the crowd. It was great. Match was short; only about 4 minutes or so; but Cheech and Cloudy got a chace to show off there skills and looked pretty good in this short match. Pelle pinned Cloduy with a roll up to win.- *1/4

Eddie Kingston vs. Alex Payne vs. Sexiest Man Alive (didn't hear his name) vs. Shane Hagadorn- Kingston gets a huge pop; a lot of love from the crowd as well. He tries to be a heel but nobody is really buying it. His first entrance in the match was bad. He didn't look good at all. His second part in the match looked really good though. The match itself was pretty decent. An enjoyable 4-way. Hagadorn got the win.- *3/4

After the match Albright came to the ring and destroyed Payne and the guy who's name I don't know. Hagadorn escaped. As Albright looked at the crowd Kingston came up behind him. Albright turned around and they had an intense staredown. They traded some forarms and Kingston got him from behind in a dragon suplex position. Alrbight reversed and hit the half nelson suplex. Both guys looked great in this.


Briscoes come out and challened Steen and Generico. They both come out and Steen sends Generico to the ring. Generico vs. Mark- Fun match; short only about 8-9 minutes. But they had some pretty nice spots. Generico won after interference from Steen. Mark was standing on one corner of the ring distracted; generico dove through the 1st and 2nd rope and nailed a DDT. Good stuff.- **3/4

Jack Evans vs. Deranged- At the beginning of the match some lunatic was rambling on a megaphone about Project 161 and throwing shirts to the crowd. he crossed the ring barrier and got thrown out. This was far and away the worst match of the night. I LOVE Jack; but he looked like Sabu tonight. He botched at least 3 different moves. Deranged botched a baseball slide into a headscissors as well. But other than that his offense wasn't bad. I enjoyed him. But this match was awful.- *

Deranged got don't come back chants afterwards that were completely unwarranted. But; there's always gonna be some morons in the crowd.

Hero/Jigsaw vs. Claudio/Nigel- Very very fun match. The story here was Hero doing whatevr he could to avoid Claudio; who was the most over person in the match. A lot of good wrestling with some comedy from SnS. Really fun match. Hero wins after he knocks out Claudio with the RTTT trophy. After the match SnS destroy the trophy and Claudio.- **1/2

Sara Del Ray vs. Lacey- This wasn't bad. It wasn't really good though either. It was pretty decent for a woman's match; although I think it went a bit long. If they cut it down by 3 minutes or so it would have been very enjoyable. Del Ray wins after... her finisher. which i don't know the name of.- **

Danielson vs. Quackenbush- This really had a big match feel to it IMO. Very good match; it started with a bit of one-upsmanship before Danielson started using heel tactics to get an advantage. Quack eventually took control for a while. He was great. Danielson then outwrestled him near the end and won with a Triangle-Choke type hold with elbows to the top of the head. Really good match; I think if it had another 3-5 minutes it would have been great. It was still very good nonetheless.- ***1/2


Jay Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen- This was a great brawl. Both guys got the hell beat out of them. Finish saw Briscoe get up from a package piledriver; hit a Jay Driller, which they built to the entire match. Steen got up. Generico came out and hit the hardest Yakuza Kick ever in the corner and Steen used one more Package Piledriver for the win.- ***

Morishima vs. Albright- What a great match. I didn't like Albright too much before tonight. But he was just fantastic. It started off really strong. Albright solidified himself as a completely different challenger then Shima has ever had by slamming him with ease. The middle of the match was slower paced but still pretty decent. And then the end was fantastic. Albright hit two half-nelson suplexes for the 3-count and the win. NEW CHAMP. It was incredible. Big shocker. After the match they brawled a little more and Morishima hit his Backdrop driver. I guess they're building to Morishima's title rematch. Great match- ****

Resilience+Delirious vs. NRC+ Sydal- This match was NUTS. Just absolutely crazy brawling. A couple awesome spots:

- Cross and Sydal battle atop the closed set of bleachers. Cross pushes Sydal off into a group of the other wrestlers. Cross then runs along the bleachers, KICKS OFF THE WALL, and flips through the air before landing on the crowd. It was crazy.

- Rocky gets set up on a table under a camera station. Cross climbs up the ladder; hangs horizontally and drops onto Rocky.

- The last 5 minutes was Stevens vs. Strong. It was absolutely fantastic. Match ended with Strong hitting a rock bottom type move on Stevens from the top rope onto a ladder which was being held up by two chairs. He then applied the stronghold and Stevens passed out.

I give the match ****1/4.

Overall Thoughts: Okay show until the last two matches which were just out of this world awesome.

After this weekend I have a newfound love of Albright, Cross, and Stevens. All three put in showstealing performances.

Fighting Spirit has two really fantastic title matches. It gets lot in the shuffle this year but really is one of the top 10 shows.

FYF Finale- Really great top-to-bottom show. Not a bad match. Plus two great matches in Briscoe vs. Briscoe and Rave vs. Nigel.

Supercard of Honor- Good opener. then average stuff until you get to the last 3 matches. Strong vs. Aries- Great match to kick off the feud which was sadly put off. DG -mAn was great. and Jacobs vs. Whitmer was fantastic; maybe not the best match but it still might be my favorite match of the year.

Death Before Dishonor Night 1- Good show up until the end where it becomes great. Title match and street fight might be the best double main event ROH has ever put on.

Manhattan Mayhem- Not done yet. Great tag opener; then a bunch of average stuff. THEN Morishima vs. Danielson in the best match I hve seen this year. Phenomenal. Watch it.
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Post by Magnum TA » Mon Dec 31, 2007 8:42 am

thanks for the reviews.

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