New pushes to come for Austin Aries and Samoa Joe?

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New pushes to come for Austin Aries and Samoa Joe?

Post by isrs4life » Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:17 pm

Impact spoilers for 6/27/2013 - containing info about Austin Aries and Samoa Joe!
- It appears Samoa Joe is the third member of Main Event Mafia,
joining Sting and Kurt Angle. Both Angle and Joe had a chance to help Sting in the
TNA Title match at Slammiversary, but no one helped Sting, which is why he re-formed Main Event Mafia.

- TNA did a mystery angle surrounding the X Division Title.
"Suicide" captured the X Division Title in a three-way match against
Chris Sabin and Kenny King, but apparently Impact GM Hulk Hogan
discovered that the "real Suicide" was attacked backstage.
By the end of the show, Austin Aries was revealed as "imposter Suicide."
Aries, who is in the Bound for Glory Series, said he wants Bully Ray's TNA Title.
It's not clear yet (a) if Aries/Fake Suicide's X Title victory was upheld, (b)
if Aries will get a TNA Title shot at Destination X, or (c) if Sabin will be re-instated to get the title shot at Destination X.
I think this is all and all great for the two man Samoa joe wrestled AJ Styles last week in a 15 minute match and he was incredible.

I always wanted to see the Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray match up I know he may not win it but it's cool to see him get noticed again
on impact I just liked how he was used during the impact tapings read the spoilers if you want I just think this is great news for tna.

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Re: New pushes to come for Austin Aries and Samoa Joe?

Post by DaddyEccentric » Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:33 pm

Aries DID take on Bully last year starting the whole Bully/Hogan trust angle.

And how does it make sense to have Joe and Angle with Sting since they were the ones Sting was mad at for not helping him out in the first place grrr!

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