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Bound for Glory 2013

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:05 am
by dontcallme
So what are we thinking for Bound For Glory?

I really enjoyed the series and although I predicted an AJ win I wasn't sure until he won the battle royal.

The pre-show match is the tag gaunlet. The Bromans are the last in but I can't see them winning. As Storm and Gunner are face I'm going to guess a heel team will win the gauntlet so predict a Bad Influence victory but Storm and Gunner to retain the belts.

ODB v Brooke v Kim. Brooke isn't much of a wrestler so think she is there to take the fall. Gail Kim is the best Knockout and can see her winning. Maybe Lady Tapa will take out ODB again.

Angle v Roode has to be an Angle win. Can't see him losing on the night he is inducted into the HOF. Potentially match of the night.

Sting v Magnus is one I'm not so sure about. Everything screams a Magnus heel turn but not sure when it will be. Maybe Sting wins and Magnus starts to lose it or maybe Magnus wins and he starts thinking he's a big-shot and should lead MEM. I'll go with Magnus winning after cheating.

X-Division match. Sabin is the only heel here and the others just seem to have been thrown into the match as they have nothing else to do. I see a cheap Sabin win.

Ray v Styles. Bully is running out of steam Dixie has put out a tweet saying it's now non-DQ like this somehow puts the match in Bully's favour. I think Bully will ask Knux and Bischoff to help him but they'll walk out on him leading to a Styles win.

Re: Bound for Glory 2013

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 3:29 pm
They made a mess of the BFG series, some of the matches not taking place, TNA should have had them at house shows like last year. Maybe next year they should reduce it from 12 to 10.


World Title match, I'd like AJ to end Bully's reign, and I wouldn't be surprised if Anderson make his comeback and costs Bully the title, maybe even the end of Aces & Eights.

Sting v Magnus, I'd like to see Magnus win via a rollup or something then when Sting extends his hand, Magnus batters him with a chair to get some heat, TNA needs another heel towards the top of the card and Magnus has been getting pushed, this could also bring an end to the MEM seeing as A&8's are near the end.

Ultimate X. I thought the weight limit remained after the triple threat rule disappeared. I can see Hardy winning just for the sake of TNA needing to do something with him.

Tag-Titles. Bad Influence to win the preshow & title match. The Storm/Gunner partnership is just bad. Would be great if Abyss was to comeback and put an end to the Park character at BFG with an Abyss/Young tag-team winning the belts.

Roode-Angle. This could be the match of the night, Angle being in the HOF, he'll win this one.

Knockout title. Gail Kim to win the belt with Lei'd Tapa attacking her after the match.

ECIII, not sure whether he'll wrestle or just beat down on someone.

Re: Bound for Glory 2013

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:04 pm
by isrs4life
Ahh, I already have made a bound for glory 2013 thread if you look down a page or so
it was made a bit after slammivsary but no one posted in it but this is ok. I accually
like the card for Bound for glory like aj vs bully ray the ultimate x sting vs magnus and kurt
angle vs bobby roode all seems good and I enjoyed the last impact before BFG from thursday
it was better then last weeks show thow.

Re: Bound for Glory 2013

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:42 pm
by BioticZombie
I have nothing to contribute, so here's an awkward picture of Cory Ledesma and CM Punk at a costume party:


Re: Bound for Glory 2013

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:41 pm
by DaddyEccentric
Angle being in the HOF does not mean he cant be a team player and put over Roode like he should.

Re: Bound for Glory 2013

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:03 pm
by isrs4life
Chris Sabin regains the tna x-division championship
Bromans win the tna tag team championship, shockingly.
Gail Kim thank god wins the tna knockouts championship
again with help from lady tapa?
Kurt Angle looses against Bobby Roode on his hall of fame night.
But it was cool that Angle put him over.

AJ Styles wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship fair
and square from Bully Ray and even dixie saw that go down.

I had watched the main event just now just had to watch that
great match wasnt expecting much from Bully but he did well
and aj put on a good performance during the match and had
a fun time watching it.

All good things from BFG like that theres new champs and
Impact sure should be fun on thursday cant wait.

Re: Bound for Glory 2013

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 1:43 am
by dontcallme
I enjoyed BFG.

My Sabin prediction was right. Not a fan of X Division matches but accept they are a crowd puller.

Good to see Abyss back. I wonder if it's going to be sporadic performances but I hope to see the unpredictable monster back.

Surprised by the Bromans but at least they look like a proper tag team. I like Gunner and Storm but their thing is they like to fight. Strange that throughout their title reign they mostly talked.

Really intrigued by Angle turning down the HOF.

My Gail Kim prediction was right and Lady Tapa got involved too. An ok match.

Roode v Angle was a good match but could have been better. Too many cross faces and ankle locks. Going to finisher moves all the time does ruin matches. Outside of that a very solid match and I wondered if Angle's injury was genuine.

Dumbass that I am didn't pick up on EC3 being a Carter. Nice enough way to build him some heel heat.

Magnus beating Sting fair and square but with disrespect was a great way to go. The match was average but like the direction it's all taking. Hopefully lead to a Magnus/Jo feud.

The main event was the best match for me. Bully was solid and AJ was great as the never-say-die fighter. Really good match and the beginning of a nice feud involving AJ and Dixie.