91st Academy Awards

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91st Academy Awards

Post by Mafwanix » Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:08 pm

They have not even announced the nominations for this year's Oscars, yet for the past few weeks there has already been controversy surrounding this year's award show.

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart, a pretty funny guy, was asked to be host. But a humorless section of the social media crowd hounded the academy over old jokes he told in a comedy routine years ago and basically forced him out. Now, thanks to these same trolls, nobody wants the job. The academy is actually considering having no host for their show for the first time in decades.

As a bit of a film fan, I like to use the academy's nominations as a guide to find some enjoyable new films to watch. But this year, I'm thinking of giving the awards show a pass. I don't feel like listening to a bunch of out of touch make believe play actors pontificate how regular film fans like myself are responsible for all the world's social ills. Plus you know it will include non stop Trump bashing, as if we don't hear this every single day already.

The only part I will miss to see is the retrospect they do about film people who died in the last year.

This year's awards will be on 24 February 2019.

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